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What’s Involved with Getting a Dental Implant?

September 15, 2022
Posted By: Baller Dental & Ortho at Southlands

Dental implants have become increasingly popular because more and more people are discovering they are the healthiest tooth replacement. Why? An implant doesn’t just fill the gap in your smile; it replaces the tooth root, which is critical to maintaining a strong, healthy jawbone.

If you would like to replace missing teeth with dental implants, here’s an outline of what you can expect from the process.

Dental Implant Exam and Consultation

There are several steps involved with getting a dental implant, and the first is an evaluation with your implant dentist. They review your oral health concerns, thoroughly examine your teeth, and take digital x-rays and advanced 3-D cone beam images.

The specifics to consider are:

  • How many teeth are missing? One? Several? Dental implants can work in either case. If all your teeth are missing, your dentist will explain the benefits of using implant dentures instead of removable dentures.
  • Is your jawbone strong and healthy? There needs to be plenty of dense bone in the implant area for successful placement. If there is not, your dentist will review other tooth replacements or explain how bone grafting can make it possible to get an implant in the future. 
  • Do you have other oral health concerns we need to address first? It’s best for the outcome of your procedure to ensure that the rest of your smile is healthy before proceeding with implant placement and restoration.

Implant Surgery and Healing

Your implant dentist evaluates all of this information to determine if you are a good implant candidate. If so, the next step is implant surgery performed by your dentist comfortably under local anesthesia. 

It takes several months after dental implant placement for bone and tissue to grow around it as if it was a natural root. It requires some patience on your part, but this natural process—called osseointegration—gives the implant the strength and stability to support a prosthetic tooth.

Dental Implant Restoration

When the implant heals, your dentist prepares your tooth restoration. For single tooth replacement, they use a dental crown, an implant bridge for multiple teeth, and an implant-supported denture for full arch tooth replacement. Your restoration is designed to look natural and be indistinguishable from surrounding natural teeth.

Call for a Dental Implant Appointment in Aurora, CO

Dr. Holly Baller places dental implants in Aurora, CO, then restores them with beautiful, realistic tooth restorations that look like natural teeth. She loves helping patients renew their smiles with dental implants, and she and her team work together to ensure the entire process is smooth and seamless.

Please call Baller Dental & Ortho at Southlands, so we can schedule a commitment-free consultation appointment to discuss your treatment options. Let’s take the first step to returning to a happy, smiling you!

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