General Dentistry

At Baller Dental & Orthodontics at Southlands, our goal is for all our patients to enjoy excellent oral health that lasts a lifetime. Dr. Holly Baller is an experienced dentist who offers a wide range of services for patients of all ages at our Aurora dental office.

Our patients are like family to us, and we like to say that we have never met a stranger! From the first moment we meet you, we will welcome you warmly and provide the same care we would want for our loved ones. We treat all ages, from the tiniest grins to the most seasoned smiles in your family, and the joy we feel in caring for you shows in every interaction we have.

Prevention for Your Healthiest Smile

Dr. Baller and her dental team want to show you that there’s no great secret or mystery to maintaining healthy teeth and gums—practice excellent at-home oral hygiene and follow up with professional cleanings with a dental hygienist every six months.

While we can’t guarantee that you won’t ever develop a cavity or gum disease, seeing you routinely allows us to detect these conditions in their earliest stages. This enables our Aurora dentist to treat the problem promptly, long before it does any long-term damage to your smile.

Managing Your Routine Dental Needs

We want to inspire all of our patients to excellent oral health, but we recognize that each is an individual with unique needs. Some patients never get a cavity or gum disease, but many more do, and for them, we offer judgment-free, supportive treatment. 

If you get a toothache, break a tooth, or develop an infection or abscess, Dr. Baller can help you. Just take a look at all the dental services we offer for our valued Aurora patients:

  • Dental exams and cleanings
  • Tooth-colored fillings
  • Crowns and bridges
  • Dentures and partials
  • Root canals (endodontics)
  • Tooth extractions
  • Emergency dentistry

These are services most people think of with general dentistry, but we are much more than a general dental office. With Dr. Baller’s advanced training and education, she can offer comprehensive orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, complete dental implant services, and leading-edge sleep apnea treatment.

Comfortable, Efficient Dentistry

Technology shapes so much of our world and dentistry is no exception. Your comfort means everything to us, and technology like digital x-rays, laser dentistry, and digital impressions all get you out of the dental chair faster. Intraoral cameras are a valuable educational tool that puts you front and center for your dental exams, enabling you to see what we see.

Advanced 3-D al digital imaging with cone beam technology enables Dr. Baller to plan treatments like dental implant placement, root canals, and tooth extractions with great accuracy and precision.

If you would like to take the edge off of your anxiety, we are pleased to offer sedation dentistry. All of this adds up to a more efficient and comfortable experience for our valued patients.

Schedule Your Next Dental Exam and Cleaning

If you are looking for a dentist in Aurora who cares about you—the person behind the smile—Dr. Baller and her team would love to meet you. Please call us at (720) 653-3223 to schedule an appointment.