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5 Reasons to Replace a Missing Tooth in Aurora, CO

June 15, 2021
Posted By: Baller Dental & Orthodontics

Nothing detracts more from your appearance than a missing tooth. You want to smile, but every time you do, you feel like all anyone sees is the gap in your teeth.

This fact alone may be enough to motivate you to seek tooth replacement. However, it’s crucial to understand how missing teeth affect your dental health and why dentists recommend replacing them as soon as possible.

Today, our Aurora dentist focuses on the benefits of tooth replacement with dental implants. Here are 5 reasons why replacing a missing tooth with dental implants in Aurora, CO is vital to your dental and overall health.

1) Avoid Excessive Wear on Your Teeth

Your teeth work together, and when you lose one, your remaining teeth work harder to absorb the excess chewing force. This can lead to pain and discomfort, excessive tooth wearing, and broken or fractured teeth—especially front teeth that aren’t meant for chewing.

A dental implant helps spread the chewing load more evenly and avoids excess wear and tear by completing your smile.

2) Prevent Loose and Shifting Teeth

Picture a row of books neatly lined up. If you remove one from the middle of the row, surrounding books fall into the open space. This is exactly what happens with tooth loss; with no support to hold them in place, nearby teeth start shifting and close the gap.

This movement can cause tooth misalignment, change your dental bite, and lead to teeth grinding and TMJ problems. The loss of support may also cause surrounding teeth to loosen and potentially lead to tooth loss. 

A tooth implant placed in the gap prevents this movement from occurring, helping to maintain a balanced dental bite and keeping the remaining teeth intact.

3) Maintain a More Youthful Facial Appearance

Your teeth do more than bite, chew, and make your smile look great; they support facial features like lips and cheeks to give them a fuller appearance. Tooth loss removes this support and also leads to jawbone loss, giving you a sunken or aged appearance.

Dental implants not only replace the visible missing tooth but also help you maintain a strong, healthy jawbone and maintain a more youthful look.

4) Boost Your Self-Confidence

Losing a tooth can be a devastating event. You may feel disappointed about the gap in your smile and find simple actions like speaking and chewing difficult, all of which take a toll on your self-esteem. 

Replacing a tooth with a dental implant restores your smile and allows you to chew comfortably and speak clearly again. And because a dental implant blends so seamlessly with your smile, no one will know that it isn’t your real tooth.

5) Avoid TMJ and Jaw Joint Problems

Because tooth loss can affect your dental bite, it also impacts your jaw joint and the muscles that help them function. If this continues, you can experience the painful symptoms of TMJ disorder or TMD. However, replacing the tooth balances your dental bite and relieves TMJ pain by reducing the force on your jaw joints.

Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants in Aurora, CO?

Dr. Holly Baller is an experienced dental implant dentist who can replace a single tooth, multiple teeth, or an entire arch of missing teeth with implant dentures. She would love to talk to you about the exciting possibilities for your smile!

Please call our Aurora, CO dental office to book an appointment with Dr. Baller.

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