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Orthodontics Aren't Just for Kids Anymore!

September 30, 2022
Posted By: Baller Dental & Ortho at Southlands

Many adults who consider orthodontic treatment are most interested in evening out the appearance of crooked teeth. They may not realize that a straight smile contributes to healthier teeth and gums.

Benefits of Adult Orthodontic Treatment

In addition to treating children at Baller Dental & Orthodontics, Dr. Holly Baller offers Invisalign invisible aligners and traditional braces for adults. Aside from aesthetics, a straighter smile offers several benefits.

Improve Your Oral Hygiene

The easiest way to maintain a healthy smile is to rid your mouth of food particles and bacteria with daily brushing and flossing. However, cleaning all surfaces evenly with your brush and floss can prove difficult or impossible when crooked teeth overlap. And when you can't get your teeth completely clean, your risk for cavities and gum disease increases.

Straight, evenly-spaced teeth are easy to clean and help maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Eliminate a Teeth Grinding Habit

Chronic teeth grinding is often caused by misaligned teeth or an uneven dental bite, meaning your teeth don't meet properly when you bite down. A nightguard protects your teeth from grinding but doesn't address its underlying cause.

The ideal solution, in this case, may be orthodontic treatment that straightens your teeth and corrects your dental bite. 

Protect Tooth Fillings and Restorations

Teeth grinding and bite problems also contribute to excessive tooth wear, fracture, and damage to dental fillings and other tooth restorations. Straightening your smile evens out tooth wear and protects your dental work from damage.

Adult Orthodontic Treatment Options in Aurora, CO

Dr. Holly Baller offers multiple treatment options if you are an adult considering orthodontic treatment in Aurora, CO. Invisalign clear aligners are popular because they're removable, discreet, and easy to wear and maintain. 

Traditional braces might be the better option if you have more complex orthodontic needs, such as severe bite issues or extremely rotated teeth. Don't worry—even traditional braces today are aesthetic when we use ceramic brackets and tooth-colored wires that aren't as noticeable.

Treatment times are similar for clear aligners and braces but depend on the misalignment or bite problem we need to correct. Some patients complete clear aligner treatment in as little as 6–12 months, and traditional braces can take 12–24 months.

Are Clear Aligners or Traditional Braces Right for You?

If you want to straighten your teeth but aren't sure which treatment is appropriate, Dr. Baller would love to discuss your options! Please call Baller Dental & Ortho at Southlands to schedule an appointment. We provide expert orthodontic treatment for all ages in Aurora, Southshore, Tallyn's Reach, Beacon Point, Blackstone, Wheatlands, and beyond.

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